Már elfogadjuk!


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Welcome at website of APARTMENT CENTER OF MAKO
Our apartments are located in the centre of Mako, at the South-East part of the country, in the county of Csongrad, near the Romanian border, right next to new the spa, the ‘Hagymatikum’.
The modern fully furnished and fully equipped apartments are non-smoking, air-conditioned, with a lounge, a bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen with dining on 45 m2, suitable for 4 people (and children if applicable) with the view to the ‘Hagymatikum’.
This accommodation is the most appropriate for each guest as you can find everything around you what you need on a holiday, like shopping, wellness and entertainment and cultural spectaculars.
You are welcomed anytime, just bring your robe and walk and have a rest in the new amazing spa!